About Me


I found my passion in solving problems using Data and helping individuals and companies to make better decisions using Analytics.

I am an Analytics Professional and FP&A Manager with more than 16 years of experience in Modelling Revenue and Cost, Forecasting Technics, Financial Analysis, Budget management, and Dashboard Reports.

Strong knowledge in KPI Management, Budget/Forecast, S&OP, Statistics Projections, BI and Business Analytics. Experience in implementing Financial Analytics team, Results Management areas and process improvement.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, a Post-degree in Strategic Management and a Master’s degree in Business. Nowadays, I am undertaking a Data Analytics Post-degree course at Douglas College – BC, Canada.

Professional Experience

I am eager to share my experience as a Controller focusing on Analytics. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams and help organizations make data-driven decisions. My expertise in financial analysis, data visualization, and business intelligence tools has helped me uncover valuable insights and drive change within the organizations I have worked with.

I am passionate about utilizing technology and data to streamline processes and improve decision-making. If you’re looking for a Controller who can help you make sense of your data, feel free to reach out. 

From Dec/2021 to Present – CHHA-BC Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Canada
Information and Finance Coordinator

Responsibilities: Financial administration, Database maintenance and Data Analysis, bookkeeping, deposits, funds, receiving donations, issuing receipts, and liaising with donors. Processing of invoices, contracts, credit card transactions, and insurance. Manage annual fundraising campaigns, creating Newsletter mailing, outreach, and supporting events and meetings. Prepare reports and Financial Statements for the board and Interna/External Audit.

From Sep/2016 to Nov/2021 – Unimed Curitiba (Healthcare Insurance Company) – Brazil
Controller Manager – FP&A

Responsibilities: The front of the areas of Controllership, Costs and Budget and Accounting. Management of Results of the Cooperative, with direct report to the Financial Superintendent. Management of Accounting of Corporate Results of the Group, Responsible for Financial Data Analytics team.

Main Achievements: Create and developed a Financial Analytics team focused on Revenue and Cost Analysis, Forecast Modelling projections, and dashboards. Improved the Budget process, Implemented the Projects Viability Analysis Model, Zero Base Budgeting ZBB, Implementation of new Result Indicators (KPI) and Presentation to the Board of Directors, Projection Modeling of Customers, Projections Techniques of Costing, Analysis of Solvency and Benchmark with other Health Plans Companies.           

From Oct/2006 to Aug/2016 BRF Brasil Foods – São Paulo – Brazil             
Regional Finance Manager – From Jan/15 to Sep/2016

Responsibilities: Management of the Regional Results, monthly results, Preparing meetings Results for the board, Monthly Forecast and YTG Forecast, Control Commercial Investments, Controlling Distribution centres (Billing, Inventory Management, Loss Prevention), Credit and Billing Support, ZBB Expense Management.

Main Achievements: Awarded in 2015 and 2016 as the best ‘Finance Regional Brazil’ in the BRF (score of several financial KPIs and management, Expenses/Revenue Management, Forecast Accuracy and Market Analysis.

BI/Report Specialist – Controllership Coordinator – Supply Chain/Procurement Areas – Jan/12 to Dec/2014

Responsibilities: Create and present Reporting KPIs Logistics, Procurement, management of Area Results, Management and Validation of Savings Projects, Purchasing Market Intelligence, Drivers and Cost Break Down CBD, Budget Planning, and support to the VP of Supply chain.

Main Achievements: Financial Analysis vs. Logistics Indicators, Project of review and definition of KPIs of logistics, Recognition of an international consultancy as a “Reference in Supply Management KPIs” develop Budget and Management Dashboards, Composition of Cost of all categories of purchases, modelling the Internal Index of Inflation, Dashboard of Market information, scenarios, and projection of the main cost drivers.

Controllership Coordinator – Procurement Project / Merger Project – Jan/2010 to Dec/11

Responsibilities: Validation of the Savings of the Supply Chain Merger Project, construction of the Budget/Forecast Planning, validation of monthly results, ensuring methodology and accuracy of the KPIs, projection of the Purchasing Cash Flow.

Main Achievements: Implement new result management with Dashboards, develop a methodology of Forecast and Budget including Cash Flow of Purchases, and develop the evaluation method of performance against the market and Drivers (Cost Break Down) by purchase categories.

BI Report Specialist – Controllership/Financial Planning Area – Oct/2006 to Dec/2009

Responsibilities: Consolidation of Budget Planning (DRE) Budget and Forecast, Projects of the area, the definition of the calculations for the projection systems: Agricultural Costs, Direct Costs, Modeling of Volumes and Revenues.

Main Accomplishments: Representative of Sadia’s controlling shareholder in the merger/integration project. Development of Planning and Simulation Budgeting, New Indicators (KPI’s) and Analysis Reports, e.g. Price, Cost Volume and Mix Analysis, Direct, Fixed and Replacement Cost Analysis. Indicators and Reports such as EVA, Marginal Contribution Analysis, and Gross Profit.

Main Skills

Statistical Knowledge 95%
R Programming 85%
Python Programming 65%
SQL (MySQL and MS SQL) 70%
Data Viz (Power BI / Tableau / R Shiny) 85%
Excel (Advanced and VBA) 95%