Portfolio and Resume
Alexandre M Batista

Data Science and Analytics

I found my passion in solving problems using Data and helping individuals and companies to make better decisions using Analytics.

Data Science and Analytics is a Marathon and not a Sprint

In the traditional approach, a significant portion of a Data Scientist’s time is spent on data cleaning and preparation, with only a tiny fraction dedicated to generating insights and reports. 

I recommend an alternative approach:

  • 20% of the project timeline to fully understand the business problem.
  • 40% should be focused on data collection and cleaning. 
  • 20% should be dedicated to creating reports and dashboards that present the findings and insights (report).
  • For the remaining 20% is focused on generating business insights and recommendations that can be turned into actionable steps for the organization.

The overall involvement of the Data Scientist will increase, but the final product will be more impactful, delivering business actions and insights that drive real results.

Portfolio of Projects

Bellow has listed the Projects that I worked on, sometimes real projects and sometimes Study Projects. I spotlighted the business application on each project, the pipeline of data and also the technologies/packages I have used on them.

Predicting Airfare based on New Entrants

Predicting Airfare based on New Entrants

Introduction to the Problem The following problem occurred in the United States in the late…

Labour Market Performance by the Study Area – A Clustering Analysis

Labour Market Performance by the Study Area – A Clustering Analysis

Introduction to the Problem The data are for labour market outcomes (employment rate, unemployment rate,…

Data Science Qualifications

A data scientist’s role combines business, statistics and computer science. To completely understand the business problem, transform it into mathematical/logical issues, and analyze and model the resolution, the Data Scientist needs to have combined skills in these three fields.


My knowledge in Finance, Management of Results, Forecasting, Projects and leadership improve my capabilities to understand business problems with an out-of-box and comprehensive vision. I have experience in Reports, Budgeting and Management KPIs in sales, Procurement, Controllership and Logistics. Also, working together with Strategic Plans Area and Board Company members, I could improve criteria and support companies to make better decisions based on numbers. I strong believe that understand the business problem is the ZERO stage of all Data Analyses.


I am a Graduate in Statistics, and I worked as a Statistician consultant in applications of Regression Analyses, Time Series Projection, Classifications models, Logistic Regression and others. In my Master's degree, my thesis depicted comparisons between Insolvency Forecasting Models. Furthermore, I have experience in lecture Statistics and Financial Mathematics in Colleges in Brazil. Transform complex topics in an understandable language in a classroom was a challenge that drove me to develop new capabilities in Storytelling.


All statisticians have at least one program language proficiency. In my undergraduate course, I studied R Programming, my favourite Data Analysis Language (dplyr, tidyr, ggplot2, shyne, caret and others). Nowadays, I am peeking Python, and the versatility of Jupyter Notebooks surprised me (Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Pytorch). In addition, on my post-degree course, I am learning about C#, Java, SQL/NoSQL, and solutions to Data visualization such as Tableau and Power BI. Independently of the language, the best tool is that solve the business problem.

Hard and Soft Skills

Every professional have Hard Skills and Personal (soft) Skills. I listed below my aptitudes and my actual pattern in each one. These skills embrace a wide range of skills needed for a Data Scientist and Data Analytics professional, in my opinion.

R Programming
Python Programming
No SQL (Mongo DB)
Excel (Advanced and VBA)
Data Viz (Power BI / Tableau / R Shiny)
Web Dev (Html5, CSS3, JS)
Financial Controller (FP&A)
Budgeting and Forecast
Leadership / Teamwork and collaboration
Problem-solving / Critical thinking
Adaptability / Creativity
Growth Mindset
Working under Pressure